The Sofa Hotel

The Ultimate Art Hotel

The Official Sponsor Of Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair

In the last decade Istanbul has fast become one of the foremost art centers of the world. Bridging diverse cultures and strengthened by its cosmopolitan nature inherited by successive civilizations the city is a great source of inspiration to artists from all over the world. With its world class museums, its renown biennial, its galleries and its art fair, Contemporary Istanbul, the city has become a very important art destination in addition to being the financial center of the country. Travelers to the city enjoy both the historical sites as well as the contemporary art scene. For such travelers a vast array of hotel accommodations is available, among them The Sofa Hotel stands apart with its unique character.

Founded just seven years ago The Sofa Hotel’s reputation as the HIP hotel par excellence has already resonated among a select group of world travelers. Conceived as an art hotel that addresses the requirements of the most sophisticated business and leisure travelers The Sofa ranks among the top venues in Istanbul and the surrounding geography. Arriving guests are welcomed into an atmosphere of serenity enriched by Works of art that interact with them throughout the facility, from the concierge area to the reception level up to each individual room designed in a customized fashion. Even the brief moments spent in the hotel lift offer the visitor an artistic experience. Works of contemporary Turkish as well as international artists such as Andy Warhol and Sam Francis are featured throughout the hotel premises.

With its state of the art infrastructure the hotel provides all the amenities that meet the needs of the most demanding guests in addition to a world class SPA and fitness center and various dining alternatives among which the cutting edge “Frankie Istanbul’’ restaurant offers a new concept in catering which features entertainment as part and parcel of the dining experience.

A tour of the hotel with its HallArts Performance Center offers the visitor a unique experience both from an artistic point of view as well as the possibility to enjoy the magnificent view of the city.